Board Member 


Yiting Shen, SEAS’01 & ’02

Vice President

Ying Yen, CC’95


Mable Chuling Jiang, CC’15


Anthony Wong, SEAS’93 

Event Committee Chair

Pauline Lem, BC’96

Membership Committee Chair

Al Eng, SEAS’78 & BUS’82

Governance Committee Chair

Patrick Yu, CC’88

Asia Partnership

Nick Yen, SEAS’91 &’92

Strategic Planning & Mentoring

Mozelle Thompson, CC’76 & SIPA’79 & LAW’81

Professional Development & Strategic Planning

Peter Liang, BUS’08

Membership (P&S) Events

Anette Wu Fortgang, MPH’08

Mentoring Program & Membership

Gene Eng, SEAS’81

Professional Development & Membership (Barnard)

Margaret Ling, BC’78


ACAA Advisors

Tiffany Woo, BC’87  

Chester Lee, SEAS’70 & BUS’74

Conrad Lung, CC’72

Edward Lau, BUS’73

Alfonso Lau, SEAS’71 & BUS’74 

Lee-En Chung, SEAS’88

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